Are these all the cakes and pastries that you do?

No. We have a larger selection of deserts, but found from experience that our customers tend to go for the short-listed one on our current site the most. Sometimes, less is more, is it not? 

Do you only deliver in Amsterdam & Amstelveen?

We have to confess that this is not set in stone. But if you do want the cake delivered outside Amsterdam or Amstelveen, then contact us first. It all depends on your story and specific needs. We have had cakes delivered to Den Haag and Rotterdam in the past.

I do not see fondant cakes. Do you do them as well?

There’s no question: fondant is stunning. Because of its easily “workable” clay-like consistency, fondant is well suited for a variety of decorating techniques. It can be rolled and used to easily cover a cake for a smooth, polished appearance. However, in terms of flavor, most people prefer the flavor of rich buttercream to the candy-like flavor of fondant. At parties, you may have noticed that people tear away the fondant layer and eat only the cake. So, we made a decision not to work with fondant.

Do you cater to businesses as well?

Yes, we do. We supply a wide range of cakes, tray-bakes, brownies and cookies suitable for cafés, restaurants, events & the like. We are also happy to discuss products tailored to your needs. Just drop us an email at to take the conversation further.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We currently accept iDeal, Credit Cards and Paypal via our website. If you are a business customer and have an existing relationship with us, only then do we work with invoices.

Can I pay on delivery?

No, we do not support that payment method at the moment. Our sincere apologies if this is going to cause you any inconvenience!


Can I order something custom?

Definitely. Just drop us a mail to with your requirements and we will get back to you ASAP.

If it is only about some additional butter-cream work such as writing ‘Happy Birthday XOXO’ or ‘Great job this Quarter’ on the cakes on our site, then you just need to mention this in the order notes during checkout.

How are the items delivered?

Your cakes & deserts would be delivered to your doorstep in person. Our usual mode of transportation is by car.

Any unanswered questions? Contact Us